Get to Know Kim

There I was. This teenager from a small county in Virginia. This little excerpt about me is to let you know some insights about who I am, my journey as well as who & what I have become. Don’t get it twisted, I will always continue to stretch and grow.

The Backstory

Really, there I was. Just finished up my 10th grade year at my second high school and the county wants to rezone. The issue, my 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade years have been split between 3 high-schools. Talk about impact. No one considered how challenging this could be, not even me. Looking back, this is where (I think) it all started.

When it was time for me to enter adulthood, I had no child-hood friends, no lasting relationships. I had 3 friends I talked with during school, but because we lived so far away from the school and them, when the school bell rang that was it.

In situations like these, you either start to experience some type of anxiety or you build some type of resilience and you grow. With all that time of my hands, I was labeled a book worm because I would read books that you could order in the mail. The books opened my mind to what may be possible.

Well high school came to an end. What are you going to do little girl? I managed to get a scholarship for James Madison University for the first year. But what’s next. What about the other 3 years. My parents couldn’t afford college, it was a struggle to get the 40 cents we each needed everyday to pay for our reduced lunch. I had 3 siblings. We were too rich to get it free and too poor to pay full price.

The Army was the next/only choice. They visited the high-school. I took the test. Scored high on the ASVAB and the recruiter did his job and off I was. The recruiter promised that after 4 years, I could get out and go to college. All paid for by the U.S. Army. So the plan was in motion. I would have a degree in accounting in 8 years (4 for the Army & 4 for College) sparing my parents & siblings of that financial burden.

The Struggle to Acquire Powers

Enlisted life was awesome. I’ve shed a few tears to get through basic training, and I’m in Germany now. I’ve got money in my pocket, fellow Soldiers (friends) I hang out with and depend on. Living my best life. No care of how I’m perceived, I don’t have to grow up until I make Sergeant.

Pump your brakes. That well-thought out plan did not work. Three years later, I got a letter in the mail, stay enlisted or enter the officer ranks. Well all the senior Soldiers rallied quickly and decided. I was shipped off to USMAPS (West Point Prep). I really think that failed because of imposter syndrome.

Could not wrap my head around how and why this little country girl was about to become an Army officer. Still understanding the assignment, I had to adjust. I had to adapt. I applied for an Army Scholarship for college and yes, I got it. 1LT Kim Stone had graduated from Hampton University with a B.S. degree in Computer Science.

Let the games begin. I’m an officer now. Little did I know that I had to look, listen, and learn what the hell was going on around me if I were to survive. Did I fit? I was black, a female, a thick chick, and I was not athletic (code for I can’t run worth a darn — always the last man crossing finishing line).

I learned quickly what not to do — play their game. Many times, I found myself under a microscope, scrutinized not just for my performance but also for my demeanor, my responses, and even my leadership style. There was unspoken pressure to fit a mold that was not designed with someone like me in mind. This is not just about proving my competence to them but also escaping the jaws of imposter syndrome. Didn’t know what to call it back then, but I had all the symptoms.

This dynamic requires resilience and adaptability. It involved developing a thick skin while maintaining openness and approachability. It was a balancing act where I needed to leverage my strengths and assert my leadership without alienating peers or superiors. My powers were starting to manifest themselves. Over time, they became stronger.

My Super Powers

By now you’ve figured out I didn’t get bitten by a spider, get struck by lightening in a storm nor was I a direct descendant of the beautiful and powerful Amazonian women. I’m just me. That is and will always be enough.

Those years of adversity have shaped me into becoming a great listener, an awesome planner and one solution-oriented individual.

Great Listener

I am Attentive and Nonjudgmental

Great Listeners do more than listen. They stay focused and pay close attention.

My ability to listen attentively has been pivotal in helping people resolve their tech issues. By carefully understanding their problems and the nuances of their frustrations, I’ve been able to offer solutions that are not only effective but also tailored to their specific needs. Being a great listener fosters a supportive environment where my clients feel heard and valued. I enjoy enhancing their confidence in using tech and reducing their anxiety about tech-related challenges.

Awesome Planner

I am Organized, Proactive and Flexible

Awesome Planners are organized visionaries who anticipate potential problems and address them before they become actual issues.

My skill in planning extends into the realm of tech support, where I strategically guide individuals through the complexities of technology. By breaking down tech solutions into manageable steps and preparing contingency plans, I ensure a smooth and understandable process for my clients. This approach minimizes disruptions and maximizes success, providing a clear path forward for those intimidated by tech and reinforces their ability to manage future tech tasks.

Problem Solver

I am Curious and Adaptable

Problem Solvers possess the ability to identify, analyze and resolve challenges effectively.

Being solution-oriented has allowed me to offer straightforward, no-frills solutions to tech problems that might otherwise seem intimidating. I find that this approach speeds up resolution times but also teaches individuals to approach tech issues with a level-headed perspective. People appreciate this direct and effective method, as it promotes optimism. Me having a solution keeps them motivated throughout the problem-solving process.

Activate My Super Powers

Are You Ready to Rid Yourself of the Tech Overwhelm?

Join me for a personalized tech support experience unlike any other.

With my background as a former Army officer and expert in making technology work seamlessly, I bring a unique set of skills to the table—skills forged in environments where precision, patience, and clear communication aren’t just nice to have; they’re essential.

This is not just tech support; it’s peace of mind. It’s knowing that you have an expert by your side who understands more than just technology—who understands people and processes.

Don’t let tech troubles slow you down anymore. Let’s work together to make technology your ally in achieving more.