Never Again will you have to tackle the tech alone.

Serving website owners & managers who need help with the tech integrations, automations and maintenance for their WordPress website.

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Are You Frustrated Trying to Figure It out on Your Own?

  • Too many choices on how to build your website.
  • Can’t figure out what to include in your tech stack.
  • No organization for all of the docs and files required for your website project.
  • No processes in place to handle those routine tasks.
  • Not sure if the next big “tech” thing is going to break your website.
  • Can’t figure out what to do next.
  • Frustrated with all the the tech jargon.
  • Busy focused on your business.
  • Ready to hand the techie stuff over to someone else.

How Can I Be of Service?

web design

I tackle pages, website redesigns or new website design projects. Every website requires a website care plan — I handle that, too.

tech support

Plugins, themes, integrations, automations are some of the ways I assist. Here is a list for starters.

strategy and tactics

Taking a look at what’s your next step, your way ahead. We take deep dives into what you need for your online brand.

Meet Kim
Your Tech OPS Chief

I help busy entrepreneurs like you operate and manage their WordPress website without getting frustrated with all the techie details.
You’re in the right place if tech just isn’t your thing or you want someone to do it for you.
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